HAUSWIRTH GROUP is a family business with a natural international character. We are operating in different fields of expertise organized around several divisions. Convinced that the diversity of activities makes the strength of a company we made the choice very early to adopt the group structure, in order to offer a service and global expertise to our customers

Our strength is to bring together different profiles of independent employees sharing their experiences and expertise around a common synergy at the service of our customers.

Several major economic players have already placed their trust in us for our flexibility, our responsiveness and our significant field experience.

Mobile across the countries, the group’s activities mainly evolve in France, Benelux, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates.

Finally, we are convinced that a company must be much more than a profit center. Therefore we are particularly committed to integrating sustainable development into the company’s growth through an ambitious CSR strategy supporting various ecological and associative initiatives in the Alsace territory



Hugo & Patrick HAUSWIRTH